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Fire Damage Restoration In New York

Fire Damage

Fires can be especially devastating to your home or business. After the fire trucks leave, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. It’s a good idea to have a water resistant tactical flashlight for situations like this one.

AEG Restoration have specialized water and fire damage restoration training and experience to quickly clean up and restore your home to pre-fire condition, we also are in constant contact with the san diego personal injury lawyer who help us during cases where the fire is provoked. Sudden and abrupt disaster like fire can occur at any time and at any level which could be a small scale household mishap or an after math of huge field fire. Disasters always leave us in complete disorientation and disturbance and damage caused by an upsetting event like fire outbreak needs a professional handling and careful assistance. AEG Restorations is a licensed company with 30 years of experience in reconstruction and disaster restoration. We manage all the fire emergency calls very promptly, efficiently and effectively.

As soon as you contact us and inform us about the mishap, we make sure to fulfill your prime priority which is to get everything for you back to normal fast. AEG Restoration team kicks off right away with immediate acts like securing and making boundary around the damaged property, fire debris clean up and prevent any further damage by smoke. Just as soon as the initial steps start taking place, at the same time our company’s superintendents and estimators make up a plan of action to take act on it immediately. Along with all of this we make direct contact with your property insurance dealer to look keenly in to the damage, all the required paperwork and other official documentation so that you need not to worry about anything in this time of ordeal. Our team clears all the toxic and chemical fire residue to put halt to any further damage that smoke could cause. Also after the cleaning, you should consider to re-install the insulation, check http://sprayfoaminsulator.com/ for more info.

After this, with our modern and highly equipped technology, we use thermal imaging to detect presence of any moisture or water content at the damage site to make sure no fungus or mold grows and aggravates the situation. The site is dried properly. Later the process, content restoration starts immediately. We collect all your salvageable and non-salvageable belongings to restore them to pre-loss condition. Fire usually leaves behind acid residues which further destroys metals, appliances, water and fiberglass which needs to be seriously managed and cleaned instantly. The main fire disaster concerns are usually the soot and bad odor of the smoke left after the fire is put down. Also if you are planning on some remodeling to your home, learn more on how to improve your home reinforcing it with the best metal parts.

AEG Restoration and Reconstruction removes the unpleasant smoke soot and odor, provide shelter from contamination produced in the air, and secure all the left household contents, an experienced home remodeling company says that soot can be very tricky to handle, if not managed immediately it can cause permanent discoloring and staining of the left over furniture, household appliances, walls and other contents so our crew makes sure that the fire odor is contained and all the left over content is secured to prevent any fire residue permeation. Once the pre-rebuilding sanitization, cleaning and deodorizing is finished, we begin with the reconstruction of the damaged part. Having direct contacts with the constructors we make sure that your place looks exactly like it was before the damage and that your trust is restored in your place and our commitment because quality and punctuality are our hallmarks. We have experience in all forms of restoration, including fitting outdoor roller blinds.

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